Collie Videos

Here are a few of the videos we've done in the last year with the Collies!

Collie in Snow

Maestro on Vacation August 2010 -see Maestro kick back and relax

Suede on Vacation August 2010-watch as Suede goes bird hunting!

Peyton on Vacation August 2010 -he knows how to shake it up!

Christmas 2010 -all 3 dogs have a very different reaction to Frosty.
Speed ahead to 1:47 seconds to see Suede give Frosty a concussion. Peyton isn't quite sure what to make of it and Maestro knows he's being set up!

January 2011 it was a chilly 14 degrees outside but Peyton was quite comfortable!

February 2011 -we had a brutal winter. Sadly, no sound with this video due to copyright violations but Suede and Maestro had a blast racing in the snow!

February 2011 Maestro wading through the deep snow

February 2011 Peyton playing in th snow with GUSTO like he does everything else in life!

April 2011 A trip to Virginia to watch the AKC Agility Nationals

April 2011 Collie puppies playing -Zorro is one of these!

April 2011 A new collie puppy Zorro plays with Peyton

June 2011 Gordon the Collie has a veteran agility run at age 11!

June 2011 Celebrating Maestro's 11th Birthday

July 2011 Peyton says OH CHUTE!

July 2011 Celebrating Echo the smooth collie's 13'th birthday

July 2011 Peyton enjoys corn!

August 2011 Celebrating Skippy's MACH2 -listen closely as the music changes

August 2011 Each year our online Collie magazine has a week devoted to performance dogs. Click on the link within the ad to see the video. The theme was Beefcake Calender Collies!

August 2011 The boys enjoy some ice cream???

August 2011 vacation in a "quaint cottage"-- we use that term very loosely!

August 2011 Vacation in Wolfeboro NH -a non doggy video for a change. Notice how much effort it takes for the Loons to take flight. Click the box on the lower right of the video to make the picture larger.

August 2011 We were lucky enough to not only see a Bald Eagle but to actually have my camera turned on and ready to shoot!

October 2011 This was meant to be a blooper video of our road to our MACH. Instead, I hope it's inspirational for all of us that think it will never happen!

October 2011 Suede's MACH We have good and not so good days at shows. But one thing remains the same -he will always be one of a kind -Suede B!

November 2011 Melanie with JoJo earns her MACH2!

December 2011 The History of Christmas Collie Cards

January 2012 Suede Speaks (all day, all night, all week...)

January 2012 Peyton entertains himself in the hotel

May 2012 A dog exhibition ata state fair with my folks taken in 1955

May 2012 An obedience show approximately 1955

August 2012 Maestro rolling in the waves -his favorite pasttime.

August 2012 Celebrating Maestro's 12th Birthday in June

August 2012 Suede's performance as part of the Top 10 at the Collie national

August 2012 Peyton's performance at our Collie national

August 2012 Maestro's performance at our Collie National

December 2012 Collie Christmas Cards 2012

January 2013 Do the Collies say yes or no?

Sept 2013 Happy Birthday video for Marianne Sullivan Millknock Collies

Sept 2013 Performance Week -4 pages 3 videos

Nov 2013 Absolute Joy. Peyton excudes joy in the agility ring.

Dec 2013 Welcome Sequel We took her on a trip an hour after we got her. What a brave girl!!

Dec 2013 Sequel's first time on ducks

The 12 Days of Sequel How we spent the first 12 days of having Sequel. You can jump head to 6 minutes if you want to start on the 12th day :)

Jan 2014 Sequels retrieving lesson

Feb 2014 Sequel at 4 months old

Feb 2014 Sequel and Peyton playing in the hotel -QUIETLY!

March 2014 Peyton earning a leg towards his CDX, as only Peyton can do!