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November 28-29, 2015 Colonial Shetland Sheepdog Club Westborough, MA
Opens: 10/07/15 Closes: 11/07/15Runs: 330Run fees: $25, $16, $16
SATURDAY: 26"-4" FAST, Standard, JWW. SUNDAY: 4"-26" T2B, Standard, JWW.
Judge:Christie Bowers
Volunteers:Please sign up when you arrive at the trial.
December 4-6, 2015 Yankee Golden Retriever Club Manchester, NH
Opens: 10/07/15 Closes: 11/07/15Runs: 330Run fees: $25, $20, $20
4"-26" each day. FRIDAY: Standard, JWW. SATURDAY: JWW, FAST, Standard. SUNDAY: Standard, T2B, JWW.
Judges:Debra Carlson, Greg Beck
Volunteers:Please check back soon.
NOW 3 DAYS. FRIDAY AFTERNOON - EXCELLENT/MASTER ONLY. Debra Carlson will judge Friday. Greg Beck for Saturday and Sunday.


October 2-4, 2015 Berkshire Belgian Tervuren and Western Mass Shetland Sheepdog Club Westfield, MA
RunningOpened: 07/22/15Closed: 09/12/15Runs: 330Run fees: $26, $16, $14, $14
FRIDAY: 4" - 26" -Friday 4-26" T2B (ring 1) followed by Novice JWW (ring 2), then X/M Std (ring 1), Open JWW (ring 2), Open Std (ring 1), X/M JWW (ring 2), Novice Std (ring 1), X/M FAST (ring 1), Open FAST (ring 1), Novice FAST (ring 1). SATURDAY: 26" - 4" - X/M/P Std (ring 1) followed by Open/P JWW (ring 2) then Novice/P Std (ring 1), then X/M/P JWW (ring 2) then Open/P Std (ring 1) then Novice/P JWW (ring 2), then X/M/P FAST, Open/P FAST, Nov/P FAST (ring 1) SUNDAY: 4" - 26" - T2B/P (ring 1) followed by X/M/P JWW (ring 2), then Open/P Std (ring 1), then Novice/P JWW (ring 2), X/M/P Std (ring 1) then Open/P JWW (ring 2) then Novice/P Std (ring 1).
Judge:Sandra Moody
Volunteers:Please check back soon.
September 26-27, 2015 Talcott Mountain Agility Club Tolland, CT
CompletedOpened: 07/22/15Closed: 09/05/15Runs: 660Run fees: $27, $17, $15
SATURDAY: 4"-26" FAST, Standard, JWW. SUNDAY: 26"-4" T2B, Standard, JWW.
Judge:Richard MacIntosh, Lavonda Herring
Volunteers:Worker Link
September 26th -match in the am before the trial.
September 20, 2015 Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States Smithfield, RI
CompletedOpened: 07/08/15Closed: 08/15/15Runs: 330Run fees: $35, $30, $25
26"-16". Time 2 Beat followed by X/M Standard, Open Standard, Novice Standard, X/M JWW, Open JWW, and Novice JWW.
Judge:Edith Allyn-Page
Volunteers:Please sign up at the show
September 19-20, 2015 Wachusett Kennel Club Amherst, NH
CompletedOpened: 07/08/15Closed: 08/29/15Runs: 330Run fees: $25, $20, $20
SATURDAY: 4"-26". SUNDAY: 26"-4". X/M JWW followed by X/M Standard, Open Standard, Novice Standard, Open JWW, and Novice JWW.
Judge:Tom O'Brien
Volunteers:Please sign up when you arrive at the trial.
Not open to Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
September 12-13, 2015 Pioneer Valley Kennel Club Greenfield, MA
CompletedOpened: 07/08/15Closed: 08/22/15Runs: 660Run fees: $26, $15, $15
4"-26" both days. Standard then T2B in one ring. FAST then JWW in the other ring.
Judges:Howard Etzel, Paul Mount
Volunteers:Worker Link
Due to building collapse, rings will be outdoors on turf, no cover.
Judge change - Paul Mount will replace Jack Cadalso.