There are numerous methods to enter a trial.  PawPrint Trials use First Received unless otherwise noted.

First Received method means that entries received on OPENING DAY are accepted on a first received basis until limits are reached. Entries may be mailed prior to opening day to be received on Opening Day. They may not be received PRIOR to opening day. 24 hours after opening day, hand deliveries are accepted.

PawPrint Trials has a proprietary online entry service. We encourage you to use our online service for the most efficient and accurate method of entering instead of mailing an entry and risk having it lost or delayed.  Information for entering online is on the HELP screen.

If a breed club is hosting a trial, the club can accept entries for their breed only before accepting entries for other breeds. All breeds should enter for opening day. After the waiting period is over (generally 2 days), entries for other breeds are accepted in the order they were received.

Random Draw is another entry method that PawPrint Trials does not currently use.