If you have never been measured for a permanent AKC jump height card, you may still enter an AKC Agility Trial. Your confirmation letter will indicate if there will be an Volunteer Measuring Official (VMO). If so, the VMO will measure your dog and you will receive a temporary jump height card, if your dog is under two years of age. After the age of 2, all dogs must be measured twice by a VMO in order to get their permanent card.  All jump heights MUST be measured.  After you have been measured twice, the AKC will send you permanent jump height card in the mail in a couple of weeks.

If your dog measures over 22″ for the first measurement, check the box at the bottom of the form “Over 22″ Request Permanent Jump Height Card”.

If you do have a permanent jump height card from the AKC,  when completing the entry, check the box on the entry form that says you do not need to be measured.

If there isn’t a VMO present, you will be measured by the judge for that weekend only. If there isn’t a VMO present and your dog jumps 24″, you will not need to be measured for the weekend. You will remain on the To Be Measured list until you are measured officially.