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How do I pay for PawPrint Premium On-Line?

Check It Out!

You may still mail your entry with a check. There is no subscription fee to use PawPrint Premium. Simply sign into your account, choose your trial, select classes, and print a PDF of your entry. Mail the entry with a check payable to PawPrint Trials. By using the online system, the barcode can be scanned once the entry is received. Your entry will be 100% accurate.

Charge Ahead!

You may enter fully online by charging your entry fee to your credit card. Sign into your account, choose your trial, select classes, and click pay online. Enter your credit card information. A processing fee of 3.1% will be added to the total when you check out. Should you decide to delete a class or cancel your entry, the full amount, including the processing fee, will be refunded to your credit card. A history of all payments, fees, and refunds is available in your account.

Pay It Forward!

If you want to use the online system but do not want to use a credit card, you can purchase a PawPrint Gift Certificate for yourself and deposit it directly into your PawPrint account. You may also add to your PawPrint account with a check or cash. Gift Certificates may be purchased with a check or cash only. If you have already purchased a gift certificate, email me, and I can deposit it into your account. If you pay by check or PawPrint credit, you will receive a 3% cash discount. You can set up your account to automatically pay your entries or you can save your gift certificates for a rainy day and use them later.

Why should I choose to enter online instead of mailing in my entry?

When you enter online, you will know immediately if your entry was accepted or if you are wait listed. You will also be able to make any changes, prior to closing date and see the change immediately. If you are more comfortable mailing in your entry, you will continue to request any changes through email.

I entered online and I am waitlisted. Now what?

A waitlist happens in 3 ways:
  1. A breed club has an opening day for their breed followed by accepting all breeds a couple of days later. Everyone should enter on opening day. Breed-specific entries are accepted first. The remaining breeds are put on a waitlist in the order received. At the end of the specific breed-only period, you will be moved off the waitlist and into the trial. You will be asked for payment at that time.
  2. Each entry method has a predetermined limit set for opening day. If the online entries have reached their limit, you will be put on a waitlist. If there are still available runs for regular mail, we will move runs from regular mail entries to online entries or vice versa. This will be done daily, if needed.
  3. A trial fills with both regular mail and online entries. The total limit for the trial has been reached. You will be waitlisted, no matter which way you entered. If an online entry cancels then someone who is on the online waitlist will take that slot. The same applies for regular mail. If there are available entries for online and there is a waitlist for regular mail, we can move those available online entries to regular mail.

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