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For Novice Exhibitors

Jump Height Cards

If you have never been measured for a permanent AKC jump height card, you can still enter any AKC Agility Trial. Your confirmation letter will indicate if there will be an Volunteer Measuring Official (VMO). If so, this person will measure your dog and you will receive a temporary jump height card. All jump heights MUST be measured. All dogs must be measured twice for their permanent card. The AKC will send you permanent jump height card in the mail in a couple of weeks.

If you do have a permanent jump height card from the AKC, you must check the box on the entry form that says you do not need to be measured. You do NOT need to send in a copy of your card with your entry.

If there is no official measurer at the trial, you will be measured by the judge for that weekend only. If there isn't a VMO present and your dog jumps 24", you will not need to be measured for the weekend. You will still need to be measured officially at some point but dogs measuring over 22", need only be measured once if they check the box at the bottom of the form

Regular or Preferred

Regular or the Championship level classes were the first type of classes that AKC offered. A few years ago, AKC also started offering PREFERRED level classes. These classes allow a dog to jump ONE jump height lower than measured AND gives another 5 seconds added onto the Standard Course Time.

For example, a dog that measures 22.25 would normally jump in the 24" height division. They may enter the Preferred level class in the 20" height division. Dogs may earn titles in each type -Championship and Preferred.

You may not enter Preferred and Championship during the same event weekend. You may switch back and forth for different events. You may ONLY enter the correct Preferred Jump Height. Unlike the Championship class, you may NOT enter a higher level Preferred Jump Height. Because of this, please be careful when entering a Preferred class if your dog has not been measured.

First Received or Random Draw

There are two methods of receiving entries for AKC Agility Trials.PawPrint Trials use First Received unless otherwise noted.

First Received method means that entries received on OPENING DAY are accepted on a first received basis until limits are reached. Entries may be express mailed or regular mailed prior to opening day. They may not be received PRIOR to opening day.Hand Deliveries: 24 hours after opening day,you may hand deliver. No online entries are acceptable currently.

Random Draw method means that entries do NOT have to be received on Opening Day. They must be received by the Random Draw Date. Entries are then randomly drawn and accepted until limits are reached. Clubs may guarantee entry for a specified number (depending on the number of rings) with this method.

Novice A or Novice B?

If you have never put an AKC agility title on a dog, then you belong in Novice A. If you have earned ANY agility title on ANY dog, you must enter Novice B. For example, if you received a Novice Jumpers title on your dog, you would enter Novice B Standard for your next trial.

If you are entered in Novice A Standard and JWW and earn a Standard title, you may move up to Open Std. You must stay in Novice A JWW for any trial that has closed. For any trial that is still open, you will now enter Novice B JWW.

Scoring Rules

A perfect score is 100. For all levels except Excellent B, you must earn at least an 85. Excellent B exhibitors are required to earn 100 points in order to qualify.

Scores are determined by two factors; time and course faults.

A Wrong Course or Refusal or Table fault are all worth 5 points

Failure or Excusal will get you a ZERO for a score.

If you go over the Standard Course Time allotted, there are point deductions depending on the level of the class. Click on the chart for a quick cheat sheet on calculating your score.