Scoring Rules as of January 2014

Preferred class

Dogs will jump one jump height lower than measured and receive an additional five seconds of time. Novice Preferred (no Novice A and B), Open Preferred, Excellent
Preferred, and Masters Preferred. The titles are NAP, OAP, AXP, MXP, NJP, OJP, AJP, and MJP. 20 Double Qs earns a PAX and 20 Double Qs plus 750 points earns a PACH (Preferred Agility Champion).

Course Faults

Table Fault 5 points
Refusal 5 points
Wrong Course 5 points
Failure to perform Automatic non-qualifying
Excusal from the ring Automatic non-qualifying
Outside Assistance Varies from 5 points to non-qualifying
Failure to Control Varies from 5 points to non-qualifying

Time Faults

Novice Standard and JWW 1 point for each second over time
Open Standard and JWW 2 points for each second over time
Excellent Standard and JWW 3 points for each second over time

Other Faults

F and E are never allowed.

Class Minimum Qualifying Score Allowed Refusals Allowed Wrong Course Allowed Table Fault Allowed Time Faults
Novice A/B Standard 85 2 R 1 W 2 T 15
Open Standard 85 1 R 1 W 1 T 7
Excellent Standard 85 None None None 5
Masters Standard 100 None None None None
Novice A/B JWW 85 2 R None N/A 15
Open JWW 85 1 R None N/A 7
Excellent JWW 85 None None N/A 5
Masters JWW 100 None None N/A None